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OG of video marketing

The 5 OGs of Video Marketing

Online video marketing is booming in 2021. From Tiktoks and Instagram stories through to new gen explainer videos and interactive pieces, it’s hard for an animation studio to keep up to speed, never mind a business looking to take its first steps in video marketing.

At Hocus Pocus Studio, we’re lucky enough to work on a huge range of categories of these marketing videos, so here’s our take on the traditional big pillars of the video marketing world. Because we’re self-professed experts, and dead clever, we’re going to also list these as they relate to a buyer journey. And because you’re also dead clever, you’ll understand exactly what we’ve done. Read more

cartoon to imply fake size

Big Voice, Little Voice

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illustration of girl asleep at keyboard

B2Boring Video

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graphic of Wagnerian women and goldfish

What Length Should My Video Be?

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Keep Calm and Animate!

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Video Moves Us

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