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Ready Eddie Go!

Ready Eddie Go!

Animation Studio Hocus Pocus Studio has been commissioned by Sky Kids to make animated series Ready Eddie Go! Eddie is a kind, giggly, brilliantly imaginative little boy – who also happens to be autistic. Whatever adventure the day has in store – be it an Easter Egg hunt, a train journey, or a trip to the dentist’s – he always likes to know what’s going to happen in advance.

The show offers bitesize ‘how to’ guide for an array of life scenarios: dressing up; exploring new foods; playing a board game; hosting a visitor. Each episode walks Eddie and his pals, step-by-step, through the day’s upcoming activity, with plenty of playful cutaways and fun set-pieces along the way.

Based on Nikki Saunders’ My Awesome Autism books, the show offers colourful and entertaining ‘life primers’ for curious kids – full of imagination, heart, and fun.


Nikki Saunders Pic
Author Nikki Saunders


Executive producer James Murphy talks about the special vision for the series:

‘First, we want Ready Eddie Go! to be a real help to young autistic children and their families. There’s a dreadful lack of resources and support available, that’s why Nikki wrote the books. I really hope this first season of Eddie helps to fill the void.

Second, the series has to be fun. The last thing we want is a preachy dull piece of public health boredom. Instead, we have created a vivid, tactile world of colour and personality that breathes life into the everyday situations we’re discovering with Eddie.

This series is for everyone, so we wanted to be an absolute benchmark in terms of inclusivity and diversity, in all areas of production. From clinical psychologists through to doctors and autistic writers, the scripts are written from experience and insight.‘


James Murphy
Exec Producer James Murphy

Jodie Whittaker reads the role of the narrator, a brilliant support to young Eddie (Grayson Davies, a young autistic actor) and the series is directed by Justin Lowings. The broadcaster is Sky Kids and the distributor is Aardman.


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