Our animation services are always evolving. Once upon a time you could make one single film and that could do for your product launch, TVC, corporate video – and then bung it on Facebook too and forget about it.  But the rapidly fragmenting world of social and broadcast video has made things a lot more complicated.  Our animation services, motion design and video production offering have adapted to reflect that change.

So a particular campaign might feature several of list below, never mind localising or different formats for different platforms.  We’re here to help get the most of your budget and help advise on the best production strategy. You can find plenty of examples of all these types of videos on our work portfolio page.

animation services illustration of boy and girl in a car


A pretty baggy term – sorry –  but this is where we make films to deliver across your various digital channels.  We’ve worked hard on understanding exactly what types of animation services work on the different platforms and how to get the best engagements and results.

From a technical point of view, 2d animation and motion graphics is our heartland, at least where we cut our teeth in the fledgling industry.   We find we increasingly use a mix of 2d, 3d animation services and live action in our work, though we always begin with an old fashioned pencil and paper.

Explainer Videos are those highly customisable 2d, vector graphic driven films that explain a product or service.  Much beloved of the finance and technology sectors, these voiceover driven films can be very engaging and useful to describe a complex product or service.  The danger is that they can feel generic, so that’s why a little Hocus Pocus magic can help these films to stand out.

Thankfully the days of the cliché ridden ched-fest corporate video are behind us.  Business to business doesn’t need to be dull or boring!  Many of the best briefs we get to work on are for businesses looking to communicate internally or externally in an entertaining way.

For many years the TVC was the exclusive and singular output of a brand’s annual advertising output.  While the days of the singularity of the TV Commercial might be behind us, there’s still plenty of demand for a well crafted spot that can work hard for social media as well as on the telly.

We love to do TV packages; titles, bumpers, lower thirds, inserts:  bring it.  Somehow we’ve gotten a reputation for doing food and architecture programs (this wasn’t a strategic thing) but we love to work with production companies and big broadcasters on programs we know audiences love.

Video is a very persuasive tool, so using it around the conversion stage of the buyer journey can be very compelling.  We love to make product films from a huge range of industries – from grinding wheels, to buggies and bras.  As always we will use our 2d animation services, CGI and live action skills to create something individual and compelling.

Interactive videos allow for unparalleled viewer engagement. This might be telling a story by branching through a series of decisions, or by rendering dynamic content into a real video, with a highly personalised output.   We are experts in creating the film content and programming the software to make it all come to life.

Training video production is an excellent way of getting important information across a diverse organisation.  Whether you’re making an onboarding film for new employees, or a piece on your organisation’s Health and Safety policies we will advise on the best production techniques to ensure maximum engagement.

One of our core specialities is making games trailers.  From gameplay capture through to augmented gameplay and 3D development we make game trailers with spirit.  Often these require a lot of optimisation for different platforms and localisation across the busy global marketplace.

Cinemagraphs – a living picture essentially – can be a very powerful and inexpensive way of adding movement and interest to what would otherwise be a still graphic.  Sometimes we shoot content specicially for a series of cinemagraphs, but equally it can be possible to work with existing assets / stock.