Like most animation studios, our animation and motion graphics and animation services capabilities have advanced and diversified considerably over the years. We cut our teeth making explainer videos – that format beloved of the tech startup – and whilst it’s fair to say the format has become a bit tired, we still keep our eye in with the occasional next-gen explainer (new term pending) to show we’ve still got it.

Right now we’re working on our first big IP project: an animated Kids TV series for Sky Kids. It’s a huge undertaking but we’re loving the challenge & bring everything we’re learning into our other projects.

Most of the content we create will at some point end up on the internet, as social media video / ads or on client website. No single approach fits all, so we take each project individually. Something simple as a cinemagraph might work well on a website landing page, perhaps shot or even just using stock and then composited.

TV and Film

Historically, bigger budgets have tended to lurk with animated TV commercials, and we’re always still fond of a nice juicy TVC that goes client > agency > production company > animation studio. Advertising on TV is still huge, and we don’t see that going away any time soon.

We love making stuff that goes on the telly, as it’s easy to explain to our parents what we actually do for a job. So we work for most of the major broadcasters doing titles & graphics packages, lots of food and home improvement shows. We even managed to do a little cel animation for a Ridley Scott movie.

Nothing sounds as boring as B2B video but that really shouldn’t be the case. A huge amount of our work is for our corporate clients talking to other businesses about their products or services. We approach these projects with the same creative and technical attention to detail as we would for any primetime consumer TVC and hopefully that shows through.

Fun Stuff

Unquestionably un-boring is our work in gaming. We make games trailers, idents, augmented gameplay, game capture and have a lot of fun doing so. It’s a wonderful space to work in, stacked with very talented and fun people. It keeps us up to date technically, visually, and sharpens the storytelling skills too.

Over the years we’ve become somewhat expert in making situational judgment testing videos. Not an area we targeted specifically but we’ve really working through how best to present this content that’s not in the normal sales / marketing guise.

Still reading? There are animation services looking for we haven’t mentioned yet? OK will it might be training videos you’re after. Or interactive videos? And the really fun thing about being an animation studio in the 2020s is things move so quickly it never gets dull.