Hocus Pocus – London Animation Studios

Hocus Pocus is an animation studio and animation production company in London, UK. We make delicious films for brands, broadcasters, businesses and agencies across the world. We have a distinctive, colourful style and a devotion to the craft that we hope leads to some great work.

We’re a fiercely independent animation studio who are lucky enough to work with some of the world’s greatest brands and broadcasters.

Our core animation specialities are 2d animation, 3d animation, character animation and motion graphics. We make distinctive films for broadcast, finance, gaming, tech and healthcare. We have also recently produced our first Longform IP Project, Ready Eddie GO!

We love what we do, and hope you will too!


Video for social, gaming, TV commercials, product videos, corporates, explainers: you know the drill – all the deets here. Go!


Sitting comfortably? Here’s the unflinching story of the Hocus Pocus folk and how this London animation studio came to be. Go!

The Scoop

Roll up! Roll up! The bit the SEO people tell us we have to write: boasts, news, gossip. Lashings of vital stuff for you to peruse. Go!


Here’s the boasty bit where we do a nice logo wall of the leading global brands and agencies we make the magic for. Go!