Hocus Pocus – London Animation Studio

Hello! We’re a busy animation studio in London making lovely films for brands, businesses, and agencies across the world. Through craft and devotion, we create worlds of colour and tell stories that sparkle.




We love 2d animation, 3d animation, live action – or best of all, a mixture of all three. We make distinctive films for social, gaming, TV and film for a diverse bunch of broadcasters and industry sectors.

we love what we do,
we hope you will too.


Video for social, gaming, TV commercials, product videos, corporates, explainers: you know the drill – all the deets here. Go!


Sitting comfortably? Here’s the unflinching story of the Hocus Pocus folk and how this London animation studio came to be. Go!

The Scoop

Roll up! Roll up! The bit the SEO people tell us we have to write: boasts, news, gossip. Lashings of vital stuff for you to peruse. Go!


Here’s the boasty bit where we do a nice logo wall of the leading global brands and agencies we make the magic for. Go!

Work: Six of The Best

We’ll probably make around 50 films a year, so it’s tough picking a half dozen to showcase here. But right now, these are the projects we’re most proud of and represent us best.

Hopefully you’ll see the Hocus Pocus Studio personality shining through – colour and spirit, regardless of the subject matter or creative execution. Our full portfolio is available here.

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