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Video Moves Us

Successful advertising begins with effective communication; telling your brand’s message in a memorable way that will have impact with the target audience. Emotional storytelling through video can be a very powerful method of engaging that audience. Here are three important considerations of emotional storytelling through video:

01 – Have a Simple Message

Why are you making this film? Pare down you messaging until you get to the simple truth. Don’t try to be too clever. Emotional messaging works best when it’s succinct. Android’s ‘Friends Furever’ is a great example of this, a simple edit of cute animal behavior reflecting our own feelings about friendship and togetherness. Inexpensive to produce – no fancy graphics or expensive shoots, just a great edit and a powerful message.

02 – Music and sound design

Music and how it impacts the Brain, is a common phenomenon that crosses all borders of nationality, race, and culture. A tool for arousing emotions and feelings, music is far more powerful than visuals and language alone. At its most obvious it’s the stabbing strings in Psycho, or the grinding bass and bassoon in Jaws. Don’t put music composition and production to the bottom of the list. Allow proper budget and time. Let the music work for you. Just ask John Lewis:

03 – Narrative and Voiceover

Most of the films we make are 2mins or less, so again a real need to keep the narrative structure simple. During our ‘Lived Experiences’ series of films for Essex Youth Offending Services we wanted to engage emotionally with the audience but not to sensationalise or glorify the world we were presenting in any way. So all stories are taken from transcripts of real interviews, and the voiceovers themselves done by young people from similar backgrounds.