Best Seat

Ever been at 40,000 feet and fancied watching some live premier league footy? Well now you can thanks to Sport 24, providing you’re on an airline decent enough to offer the service, of course. It’s not just football of course but lashings of live and on demand sports content round the clock. Creatively it was a juicy brief.

A really strong almost art deco style underpins the illustration style: clean lines, limited palette, somehow elegant – a reflection of the golden era of international travel, before Ryanair ruined it for us all. Of course sport is all about emotion, movement, excitement – not something we can communicate by drawing the inside of an aircraft. So there’s lots of short sequences of the sports covered, some 3d, some frame by frame animation – lots of techniques on show here.


Client: Sport24
Creative Director: James Murphy
Producer: Terez Koncz
Illustration and Art Direction: Joe Dennis
Animation Director: Rob Monk
Sound design: Patrick Henchman