This is a series of situational judgment test films for Innerly created for online / app testing as part of a recruitment process. It’s a very visual approach to psychometric testing, with detailed, colourful CGI characters and environments.

Broadly speaking the user is tasked with watching a series of videos and then responses are monitored. The detailed animation allows for a nuanced approach where body language and other non-verbal cues can also be assessed.

It was a big project: 30 mins of content across 10 environments. We’re really pleased with the art style, stylised to an extent, but not distracting from the main subject matter.

For other examples of situation judgment testing films please see our work page or contact us.


LEGO mystery monster
Kids in back of car image
LEGO text
LEGO illustration
LEGO illustration
LEGO ring toss


Client: Innerly
Creative Director: James Murphy
Producer: Miles Paulley
Illustration and Art Direction: Theresa Hilsden
Lead Animation: Robin Herrmann