Sky Kids

Ready Eddie Go!

Ready Eddie Go! is our first IP project, commissioned by Sky Kids. Eddie is a kind, giggly, brilliantly imaginative little boy – who also happens to be autistic. Whatever adventure the day has in store – be it an Easter Egg hunt, a train journey, or a trip to the dentist’s – he always likes to know what’s going to happen in advance.

The series of 26 x 7 min episodes offer bitesize ‘how to’ guides for an array of life scenarios: dressing up; exploring new foods; playing a board game; hosting a visitor. Each episode walks Eddie and his pals, step-by-step, through the day’s upcoming activity, with plenty of playful cutaways and fun set-pieces along the way.

The series has a very distinctive art style: colourful, playful, even a little tactile. This friendly, squidgy world is also joined together by a series of clear graphical signposts which help younger children to clearly understand how a particular task or event is being divided into clear stages.

The animation techniques and direction are very sympathetic to the ethos of the show. Energetic, bright and fun – but also clear and easy to follow. Similarly the music and sound design are carefully crafted to create a show with a real distinctive personality.

Of course you can find lots more about Eddie on Sky Kids and at the Ready Eddie Go! Website.

Animation Credits

Director: Justin Lowings
Art Director: Theresa Hilsden
Series Producer: Miles Paulley
Production Manager: Terez Koncz
Desinger: Katy Fabian
Environment Modellers: Bella Cololgu, Henrique Bispo, Melinda Aastrom
Character Modellers: Mirco Pinna, Ganriel Oliviera
Character Rigger: Tamires Garcia
Character Animation Director: Robin Hermann
Character Animators: Ben Hearnden, Patrick Hoiseth, Bruna Forshaid, James Finlay, Jeff Karagianis, Shadid Omar, Ollie Patricio, Orane Regnier, Lucas Riess, Irmak Ucta, Cameron King
Lighting and Rendering: Paul Demetriou, Luc D’Eca, Vidal Pueyo
Compositors: Rob Wilkes, Tom Maples, Alessandra Boeri
Created by James Murphy and Nikki Saunders