Orchard Thieves

Head For The Wild

Thirsty work making this delicious little commercial for the Otherly / Orchard Thieves for the launch of a new cider brand in Ireland. We inherited the branding of the cheeky little fox, and loved the distinctive natural feel of the woodcut. The story is clear: urban dwelling fox – Dublin as can be – scampers off the wild where a wondrous apple is discovered that leads to the delicious pints.

We love to mix animation with live action sequences, so a trip to Dublin for a quick shoot gave us the footage inside the bar of that magic cheers moment. Really pleased with how this turned out, from the illustration style, the VO, the sense of geography to the pace and the movement. It’s pretty tasty too…


Client: Orchard Thieves
Agency: Otherly
Creative Director: Justin Lowings
Producer: Miles Paulley
Art Director: Theresa Hilsden