McDonalds / Selected Works

McNugget Worthy

Happy Birthday McNuggets! 40 years old this year and marking the event with a delicious McNugget worthy TVC. Directed by Sam Brown from Rogue films, Hocus Pocus was chosen by the wonderful VFX studio Selected Works to work on the 2d graphics.

We’re always banging on about how much we love to mix live action with graphics, so what better opportunity to layer up the graphics on a really fun & very pretty commercial. Manga was the inspiration, so lots of energy and colour to bring into the shots.

Timing was very tight, never ideal with cel animation, but nothing like a deadline to sharpen the focus. A different take of the kaboom shot below that didn’t make the final cut, but we’re particularly pleased with how the flaming fists turned out.

We love the craft of working on a proper TV Commercial. If you’d like to see more examples of similar work please check out our main porfolio page.


Client: McDonalds
Agency: Leo Burnett
VFX: Selected Workds
Director: Sam Brown
Animation: Pedro Allevato, Rob Monk, Rob Wilkes