Essex Youth Offending Services

Lived Experiences

Lived Experiences – Teaser edit

Essex Youth Offending Services asked Hocus Pocus Studio to make a series of animations about young people caught up in criminal gangs and county lines in particular. Over 50 young people, social workers, teachers and police officers were interviewed and their stories turned into four films.

The animations take a non-judgmental and unflinching look at the rapidly escalating situation. The often bleak and frustrating world we discover is reflected in the striking art direction and sound design, calculated to engage rather than glorify those involved. This is a short teaser edit of the 4 films.


Hocus Pocus Studio and Sugar Blood Production

Director / Art Direction: Pedro Allevato
Creative Director: James Murphy
Production Manager: Miles Paulley
Animation: Pedro Allevato, Pavelas Laptevas, Alejandro Imondi
Texture Artist: Myungeun Kim
Sound design: Bruno Allevato
Sound engineer: Alan Leer
Voice Actors: Andrew Sensie, Alexander ‘X’ Lobo Moreno, Ilani

Mariott-Lodge, Tyrese Taylor
Essex Youth Offending Services: Tanya Gillett, Jane Ryan, Charlotte Day, Jane Bernardes Jenni Allen, Naomi Simmons, Natalie Robertson, Rhys Baker, Chrissie Gavriel
Thanks to Intermission Youth Theatre

puppet with kids text
school fight cartoon graphic
sinisiter figure with baseball bat
policaman pointing image
knife and shadows behind
taking a photo on phone illustration
leaning silhouettes
overhead image of walking in rain
looking at phone graphic
red light man with knife
smoking man at night
clasping hands