Coca Cola

Real Magic at Christmas

It doesn’t get much bigger than the Coca-Cola Christmas TVC, so we were over the moon that DentsuMB / Selected Work chose Hocus Pocus to do the 2d graphics. We’re all about creating magic at the studio, so couldn’t find a brief more perfectly suited to us. A bit like the Beagle Story for Scott Free, we were briefed to create a vintage cel animation, although this time with an old school Disney feel to it. It’s quite a challenge to drop all the advances made in design, animation and compositing over the past fifty years! So we took our time, did lots of experimenting and ended up creating a lovely festive cartoon that frames the story of the real magic at Christmas. Ho ho ho!
Illustration of Santa pushing present down chimney
Santa Character design
Illustration of Christmas fireplace
Still from Coca Cola Chistmas advert
Illustration of Christmas town
Still from Coca Cola Christmas Advert of Animation scene


Client: Coca Cola
Agency: Selected Works
Animation Director: Justin Lowings
Production Manager: Miles Paulley
Background Artist: Bernard Yohalin
Character Designer: Sara Leal
Character Animator: Laura Cobo
Storyboard Artist: Paul Collicutt