Working with Hocus Pocus

At Hocus Pocus Studio we’re always looking for brilliant people to come and work with us.  A lot of studios say it, but it really is a family here.

Current positions

3D Animator

We need someone to come and boss the 3D at Hocus Pocus.  Most of our projects will have some 3D in so it’s a vary varied job.  You’ll need to know C4D of course and octane / redshift, with a good knowledge of other 3D software.  This is a very forward looking role so we want someone who can experiment, show initiative and knock our socks off.  Send us your details and tell us why you’d like the job.


Of course we’re always on the lookout for people to collaborate with us on a project basis.  Designers, storyboard artists, concept artists, rotoscopers, cel animators, background painters, motion gfx bosses, edtors, compositors, kings of 3D – we love you all!  Send us your details and if it’s a good fit we’ll get you on the roster.

Internships and Youth Programmes

We offer 6 month paid internships, but it’s all been a bit messed up by covid, timing wise.  But get in touch with us, show us your work and we’ll let you know the current state of play.